Jungle Animals Fabric Wall Decals

Jungle Animals Fabric Wall Decals

This custom fabric reusable jungle animals and tree wall decal set will be the perfect addition to any nursery or kids room. Each set will come in separate pieces so you are free to decorate your room as you wish with our custom fabric wall decals.

Each set includes:

1 X Tree and Leaves (72"H x 63"W)
1 X Giraffe (30"H x 18"W)
1 X Elephant (23"H x 30"W)
1 X Zebra (22"H x 15"W)
1 X Hippo (21"H x 23"W)
1 X Lion (22"H x 34"W
1 X Monkey (18"H x 14"W)




Don't like the placement of a decal, no problem just peel it off and place it somewhere else on that wall! The decals are easily removable, tear resistant and will not leave any residue. Our fabric reusable decals will work great on many surfaces including textured walls.

Each decal is printed on a peel and stick removable fabric vinyl using latex inks.
No Phthalates, no PVC, no Glycol-ether and no Formaldehyde

**PLEASE NOTE: The decal in the photo is not to scale, it may be enlarged for viewing. Always check against the dimensions provided.**

**PLEASE NOTE: Colors may not be exact as on your computer screen**